Monday, August 10, 2009

Hot on the Road

Got up and was out on the road around 7:30am. If I got up when my alarm first went off, my run would have been cooler. I love that snooze button!! I planned only to do about 6 miles but I was feeling good and no leg pain, so decided to go longer. At about mile 6, the heat started to take it's toll, plus it was very humid again. Got 81/2miles in but I was suffering at the end. I think with the long run in the heat yesterday and today was alittle much! But, I'm tough, right!!!LOL Felt week and tired afterwards so I only did abs, push-ups, pull-ups and chin-ups. No swimming !!

This afternoon, we took Kyle back to school. We moved him into his house that he is sharing with three girls! Nice place for college kids and his best friend Loren, will take good care of him!! I forgot to take the camera but we have to go down Sunday to take him more things. I will try to take some pictures.

Oh, about the race in the pool yesterday. Corey was able to win by about a pull. Keith was second, and poor Kyle was third. I will post pictures later because it is to late and it still takes me awhile to figure the picture thing out. Until tomorrow, keep running!!

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