Thursday, September 23, 2010

Moody At Mohican

I have been in a real bad mood this week :( I have no idea why, but today was not any better!!

It was hard getting out of bed this morning and I just really didn't care if I made it out to run of not. Keith left for school and I laid back down for about an hr. before I struggled once again to get up! Stiff and sore from boot camp or WHATEVER, I forced myself to get on my running clothes. I knew it would be a warm one since it was already 9:30am, but I really didn't care!

Drove to the Covered Bridge at MO and started my trek on the trail to Hickory Ridge. Usually I feel better once I get going, but not today!! I almost hated it out there!! It just wasn't fun!! Plus, Mr. groundhog decided to scare me as he sat on the trail and refused to move!! I had to find my way through the weeds to avoid him, which caused me to get scatched up once again!! I was not a happy camper but I really didn't want to get chased by a rodent!!! Got to Hickory Ridge and turned around which for some reason made me come out of my funk :) On the way back to the CB, I started to feel more like myself and started to enjoy the run, other than the sweat that was soaking my body like it was the middle of the summer!! Some days you just don't have it and today, was one of those days!!!!

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Kim said...

You know it's a moody days when the trails of Mohican can't bring you out of a funk! Glad you recovered it toward the end!