Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Getting Some Rest :)

Finally, I think this tapering is starting to work!! With only two days of running so far this week, my legs and mind are feeling rested. The achillies is feeling goood and I even have energy to do things around the house!!!!

Boot camp was a killer this morning, but I felt strong and quick!! No running again, only a 1.25 mile swim. It will be interesting to see how my legs will feel tomorrow when I run. Tomorrow will be the last day of running before YUT-C, so I think I should be rested. I really have no race strategy for YUT-C, I'll just go on how I feel.

Sometimes the boys surprise me! Just when I think they pay no attention to me and all that I do, they say the most heart touching things. Tonight my youngest son, Keith, said "I hope that when I get older, I am as tough as you are, Mom!" It was great to hear and I am glad I can be a positive influence. Love you, Keith!!!

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