Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hocking Hills

First thing is first. Today at 12pm, my dear husband sat at the computer for me because his typing skills are much faster than mine, and got me into Umstead 100. I think it was like 7 minutes after registration opened so his typing skills payed off for me :) Thanks so much, HONEY!!!!! I'm super excited, plus Michael P, David H and Lindsey B also got in, so I am sure we will have many long runs together this winter!!

On Monday, which was Labor Day, Mark and I got up at 4:30am to make the 2+ hour drive down to Hocking Hills for a FA. Michael Patton and family put on a FA run consisting of a full marathon or a half. I was excited to run somewhere new and run with great people! I think about 30 runners showed up and after Michael's explaination of the course, we all started out! At the start, we were a little chilly but within a mile things started to warm up. What a beautiful place to run!! There was all kind of terrain that included rocks, cliffs, falls, bridges and of course the usual sticks and roots, which Star and Heather found out can be dangerous. Both took a spill that brought some blood! As the saying goes, you aren't a real trail runner until you fall and bring blood!! The trails were also very dry and dusty! We were covered with dust and dirt when we were done, which turned to mud on our sweaty legs! I was never so glad to get home and take a shower!!

Anyway, the day went every well for me except for the nagging pain in my right achillies. I spent most of the day running with Darris, Darrin, Star, Michael, David, Stephen, Jay and a couple of guys that I didn't know, plus low and behold, my dear husband, who ran the half, had a real good run and was able to keep up through most of the half. It was nice that Mark and Steve's wife, Leigh were able to run together and keep each other going!! We ended up running somewhere around 28-29 miles.

A special thanks goes out to Michael and his family. Michael and his dad, Tom marked the course the day before and Jen and Michael's mom headed up the aid stations with tasty treats! Star named Jen "Queen Jen" for being out there all day at the aid stations!! Thanks so much Pattons for putting on such a great FA!!!!!

Yesterday, Tuesday 9-7, I woke up with my right achillies swollen and achy :( I was bound and determined to go for a run so after I was up and walking a bit, I finally got out to the trails around 9:30am. I knew the run would be slow mainly because of the miles the day before. I was sluggish, tired and worried about the stupid achillies so things just didn't go well :( To top it all off, I fell!! No blood but I do have a pretty good size scrap and bruise on my right hip! The only good part, was seeing Don Baun and stopping and chatting for a minute or two :)

On to today. Boot camp, 8.6 slow miles and 1.25 miles in the pool with 10x50yd sprints and 500yd pull. My achillies did feel better today after icing it twice yesterday :) I guess, I need to do that again! Until the next time.................

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