Monday, September 13, 2010

Just More Running.......

It's time to catch up on my blog so I'll start with.....

Thrusday 9-9-10 Headed out to Mohican to run on the trails. It was such a fall day :) The leaves are starting to do their fall thing, weeds and grass are dying, the acorns and hickory nuts are falling off the trees and you have warm afternoons and cool evenings. When this all starts to happen, you know the year will be ending before long but it's such a beautiful time of the year and so enjoyable to be outside. I only wanted to run 10, maybe 15, but you all know me, and I ended up running 20 :) I, of course couldn't stop there, so I lifted weights when I got home!!

Friday 9-10-10 Boot camp at 5am, followed by a 7 mile run with 6x400 pickups which really hurt my achillies :( Stupid me, I should of known better! Swam 1.5 miles 10x50yd sprints, 450yd pull and 100yd kick. Keith and the Loudonville Redbirds lost to Hillsdale Friday night 40-27. Keith, personally had a good game, with 15 tackles and 4 carries for about 70 yds.

Saturday 9-11-10 I did another solo run at Mohican until about mile 7, when a horse and a rider joined me for the next 8 miles. We had great conversation and I learned alot about trail horses. 15.5 miles total for the day. The trails were a mess from Wednesday nights storm. It looked like a tornado went through on some parts. The trails being nearly blocked in some places but someone had been out clearing! Thank you!! Kyle and the OWU C-C team ran at Liberty Park, Saturday morning. Many runners struggled, as did Kyle. Kyle has been having knee issues and his foot bothers him from time to time! Hopefully, things will get better for him!!!

Sunday 9-12-10 Mark and I, headed down to Delaware State Park to meet up with some runners. Mark Carroll invited everyone down to run and then have cookout at his house. Mark C, Michael P, Dave, a friend of Michael's, Lisa F and myself run 20 while Mark L, Julie M, Luca B and Lindsey B ran 10. Julie's husband also ran a couple of miles, I think he's getting the bug !!!! Afterwards, Mark and I went to Kyle's house to shower and then we headed up to Mark C house for the BIG PARTY!!!!. Mark's house was on the route of a local 5k and the Little Brown Jug Horse parade. Many were there like Lisa F, Nick L, Tom P and his wife, Luca B and his wife, Casey and family and many more! We cheered on Stephen Z and Michael P( who just got done running 20 miles with us ) to a 1st and 2nd finish. Also getting our support was Shannon F and Leigh Z! Good job to all!! Thanks, Mark for the wonderful time!!

Today, Monday 9-13-10 Boot camp and 1.25 mile swim with 1x25yd, 1x50yd,1x75yd and 2x100yd and then back down. I decided not to run inorder to give my achillies a rest plus I am going to do a slight taper for YUT-C 50k this weekend.

Like I said, just more running.....................

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