Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I hate rainy days!! Today was no diferent, making me feel tired, sluggish and unmotivated!! My achillies was bothering me this morning so instead of running in the morning, I decided to do the swimming first. I swam 1.25 miles with 10x50yd sprints and 300yd pull.

When I got home, I iced my achillies and then went to get a much needed haircut!!

An hour after my haircut, I decided to hit the trails and test out the achillies. My legs are still tired from the 6 hr. run on Sunday but the achillies was feeling good until the end. I ran 7.5 miles on trails that needed the rain we got in the morning. At about mile 5 the good old achillies started to stiffen up but I don't think I made anything worse!

I really need to get this thing taken care of before Oil Creek. I think with my taper and plenty of ice, I should be in good shape :)

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