Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Miles!!

Nothing to exciting today! Woke up this morning with a dusting of snow outside. I'm really getting tired of this stuff and from what everyone is saying, we are going to get more! Ran 13.2 miles out on country roads. most of the roads were clear and wet but the gravel roads south of town were covered. Not a very fast run but I got it done!! Some days it just doesn't matter how fast you go!!! I really just wanted to log in the miles inorder to get my 80 miles in for the week!! After my run, I did abs and went to the Y. Swam a mile and a half with 400yd pull. Then went to Wal-Mart for groceries. It's amazing how bare the cupboards are when I don't have time to shop, only run!! Tomorrow, Corey is coming home for the weekend before spring break. He is going down to Texas some where on an island so he needs all his summer clothes. Kyle will be running down at Dennison tomorrow night. He will only be in the 4x800. The coach is resting everyone for the conference meet next weekend!! That's about it, however, I do have a house full of teenage boys downstairs. Keith and his friends are working on some project but it sounds like they are not getting much work done! A lot of noise!! To be young again!!! Until tomorrow...............

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