Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More Snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I woke up this morning just as the snow was beginning to fall and they just called school off for Keith! Lucky him, he got to sleep in :) I figured I had better get up and get going before the roads got to slippery and snow covered. When I first started out on my run, it wasn't to bad but the longer I ran, the harder it started to snow. The roads became covered, mushy and slippery, plus the wind started to blow!! I ran 7.2 miles but the last couple of miles were pretty brutal!! Covered in snow and tired at the end, but at least I got it done!! Lifted weights - benched, flies, shoulder press and abs. In the afternoon, I decided I needed to run alittle more so, I jumped on the treadmill and ran 5 more miles at about an 8 min. mile pace, with the last mile alittle faster. Probably will have to be on the treadmill again tomorrow! UGHHHHHHHH!!

12 miles total for the day.

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Anonymous said...

Yep! Winter is here, the snow allways makes training hard and fun.