Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Need For Speed

Yesterday nothing much happened. Went back to bed after Keith left for school :) Got up at 9:30 and lifted weights. No Running!! However, alot of housework and grocery shopping done!

Today, I decided to hit it hard once again! Ran 5 miles in the morning and it felt like a heat wave! Lifted weights and then did more housework. The house is really starting to look clean! LOL Since the Loudonville HS indoor track team had practice at Wooster on the indoor track, I decided to go up with Keith and do something with a little speed. I ended up running 7 miles, 1 mile warm-up, 5 mile tempo run and 1 mile warm-down. It actually felt pretty good :) I didn't know for sure what would happen,since this was the first time I did anything with speed since I have been injuried. Didn't even have that annoying foot slap!! All seems well right now, we'll see in the morning! After my run and lift tomorrow, I need to get back into the pool.

12 miles total for the day

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