Monday, February 1, 2010

A Weekend Of Running

The weekend started by running the No Shirt 50k FA in the CVNP. I think about 20 runners started the event with about half of us finishing the entire 50k. The thing about Fat Ass runs, is that there is no pressure to run a certain way. You run on how you feel and no one really cares as long as everyone is out there having a good time! If you want to run hard, go for it, if not, that's ok, also. I decided to really take my time and not push myself. My concern going into this weekend, was weither or not I would make the distance and run without getting injuried! The run was great despite the freezing temperature! It was all good once you got moving! I took my time from the very beginning and met some really great runners along with running with old friends. It was an out and back course,so I hooked up with Brian Musick, Mike George and Mark Anson on the way to the turn around point. At the turn around point, Dan Bellinger was kind enough to crew for us, and was waiting with food and water. From that point, I ran the entire way back with Roy Hegar. The things you can learn from Roy is awsome!! What a great guy and he really entertained me the whole way back! Thanks, Roy! We even negitive split, on the way back :) The best part of the run, I had no back or leg pain only tired legs :) A special thanks to my sister, Pam, for letting me spend the night with her on Friday and Dan Bellinger for showing me how to get to the start!

Sunday morning was a training run at Mohican for the PR 50k. I was only alittle stiff when I got up in the morning but knew if I took my time I would be fine. That's exactly what I did, nice easy running. No reason to push myself right now, all though sometimes it's hard not to :) I ran with Dan Baun, Mitch Myers, Luca Blengio, Julie Bowmen-Miller, Rob Powell, Tom Patton and Dwain, from Mansfield. Michelle Bichsel, Jay Smithberger and a couple of guys that I didn't know were in the fast group and took off from the very beginning and we never saw them again. Maybe someday, I will be back to running with them :( Patient, Terri!! Had a great time and once again no pain!!! Still feeling pretty good, I went to the Y and swam a mile and a half. Crazy, I know!!

Today, I ran with Don Baun, Bo Schroer,Vanessa Pitterger-Ragozzine and Gary Wright. We got 15.5 miles in and once again no pain :) Not as cold as the last two day, but still pretty fridged. A good time was had by all, although we were all tired at the end.

60 miles in the last three days and feeling better and better, makes me a happy camper :)

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ultrarunner (Brian Philpot) said...

That's a good weekend of running. I ran the no shirts 50k sat. But I ran a little faster pace. It was cold, but it was fun.