Thursday, March 18, 2010

Running The Fools 50k Course

Today, I drove up to CVNP to Pine Hollow so I could run on the Fools 50k course. Met with Dan Bellinger and Tom Patton and ran the entire loop once to get in 16.5 miles. It was a beautiful day to be out on the trails with good company! The trails were in great shape, only alittle mud! Thanks Dan for being such a good guide and stashing water for us!! I did have a slight problem with my left calf muscle. About 2 mile into the run, I noticed a cramp like feeling but thought it would work itself out. Of course, it did not, but only seemed to feel tight and uncomfortable. I tried to stretch it out but it didn't help much and as I sit here this evening , the calf muscle is sore :( What next!!! Hopefully it will be better tomorrow, I would like to run 15 miles at MO with some of the runners from the Mansfield Y run club. We'll see? After the run, I went to Vertical Runner in Hudson(love the store) to get my free trails shoes from the Bobcat Marathon, 2nd place finish, plus some smartwool socks. That's all for tonight! It's getting late and I need some beauty rest! LOL

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