Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One Day At A Time

The weather has been great the last couple of days! Even though the mornings have been alittle chilly, it's been wonderful to be out running in the sunshine. Yesterday, I headed out to Mohican and ran 10 miles on the orange loop. Unfortunately, for some reason, maybe the long miles this past weekend, my back and leg hurt! it bothered me the rest of the day but I did get my lift in and swam 1 mile.

Today, only ran 5 miles and there was no pain :) I lifted weights, 45 minute spinning class and swam 1 mile. All seems to be good, this evening :)

I wanted to share this poem, my youngest son had to write for 10th grade English class. It's about running and I thought he did a good job thinking this one up!

The world passes me by,
As I look at things change.
Nothing I can do but watch,
As my life passes by
So I run, run, as fast as I can.
To make sure I don't get passed by,
I'm not afraid of the past,
Only what I missed.
I can't take back what I've missed.
I put my running shoes on.
Begin my stretch to keep my legs fresh.
I stand ready to keep my feet on the ground.
I run because of the joy it brings.
The sweat makes me feel good, making my clothes wet.
But the feeling of running and running as fast as I can makes me feel good.
I feel free as a bird, nothing holding me back.
I almost fly as I run with both feet being of the ground at the same time.
Nothing to hold me down but my own dismay.
No help from anyone, but myself to watch my back.
Now I am free, free at last and now moving and the world standing to watch me.


Nick B said...

I'm glad you felt better so quickly, Terri.

Thanks a lot for sharing your son's poem, too. Loved it!

Mark Carroll said...

Nothing to hold me back but my own dismay.....WoW!!! Thats awesome.