Monday, March 15, 2010

Back On The Trails!!

After a month of not running on the trails because of all the snow, I finally got two days in at Mohican! It was wonderful!! It was exactly what I needed!! The trails were wet and muddy but I'll take that over running on the roads anyday!! Both Saturday and Sunday were training runs for the PR race.

Saturday - We started at the Covered Bridge in a light drizzle that turned into a down pour and back to a drizzle. It was that way most of the day! Star Blackford, Mark Carroll and myself did the orange loop at a pretty good pace until Mark took a spill and twisted his ankle. From there, we slowed things down for Mark to recover. Mitch Meyers and Rob Powell caught up to us and we went on the trail by the river, which at times was completely under water due to the high river. We made it back to the CB in one piece but totally drenched by the rain!! Mark and I waited for Rob and Michelle and then the four of us headed out on the purple loop, to the lodge and back. We ended up with 24 miles but Mark and I, as anal as we are, needed to get in two more for a marathon distance. We headed back out and got in our 2+ miles in to end up with 26 miles!

Sunday - It wasn't raining but everything was still wet and muddy. We started at the CB, to the Firetower and back to the CB on the bike trail. Michael Patton lead the way at a good pace, followed by a couple of guys I didn't know and then Star and myself weren't far behind. After we got to the CB, we headed out on the purple loop again, to the lodge and back for a total of 15.7 miles. I wanted to get in 20, so Star, Darris and myself headed out along the river to get in 4 more miles. I was tired but felt good. It was so nice running with old and new friends and being able to catch up with all the latest in running!

Today - I planned on doing a 6 mile recovery run but ended up running a hilly 7.75 miles. I was surprised at how well I felt after two days of long runs! Lifted weights and rode my bike on the windtrainer for 10 miles.

In the mean time, Kyle made it back to OWU after a week at home on spring break. Corey got back from South Padre, TX safely and Keith did well at this track meet at Oberlin, running a 57.7 in the open 400.

Until tomorrow....................

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Anonymous said...

Some good runs, I will get down to Mo in the coming weeks. I need some trainning on the course BAD!