Thursday, March 4, 2010

Feeling Sluggish

Only ran 5 miles this morning and felt sluggish and tired :( Don't really know why? Maybe it was the late workout last night or maybe my body is not use to getting rest! Whatever it is, I sure hope it gets better by Saturday!! You know me, always worried!! I did feel better swimming and swam 1 miles with 350yd pull and 100yd kick. Tomorrow will be a complete day of rest!! YEA!!!!!

Corey leaves for spring break tomorrow and Kyle will be running in the 800m prelims tomorrow night at Dennison College for the NCAC Conference. There are three heats and they take the winner of each heat plus the next six fastest times for the finals on Saturday. Last year, Kyle was the 800m champ for the conference but this year there are a couple of runners from Walbash that can run in the low 1:50's. He'll have to run hard but I think he can do well!!! Makes me so nervous but at least it takes my mind off of my racing :) Good Luck to us all!!!!

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