Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Nice Cool Down

The last couple of days have been so pleasant! No more humidity, just sun and a nice cool breeze! I love the hint of fall in the air, it seems to make life alittle better!! With fall right around the corner, I look forward to the fall racing season for myself, C-C season for Kyle and football for Keith and this year, Corey will be taking on a new role on the football field, as a coach at South Canton!! It's almost like a fresh and exciting start of the year!!

Yesterday, I had boot camp at 5am and then come home to see Keith off on his first day of HS as a junior. I know he is a little old for good old mom to be there helping him get things ready, but I just needed to be there for ME!! LOL After he left for school, I ran 8.5 miles on the road and did some weight lifting. After Keith got home from school and football practice, he reported that school was stupid and his classes would be somewhat hard. Time to buckle down, my sweet Keith!!!!

Today, once again, I woke up sore from boot camp and my right achillies was bother me. I decided it would be better to run on the trails where it would be softer. Got in 8.5 miles at MO along the river to the CB and back. After running for a couple of miles, everything seemed to loosen up, thank God!!! In a couple of hours, I will head out to Malabar Farm and run with the Mansfield Y run club. Hopefully, we will run around 7 miles so I can get in a total of 15 miles for the day. Probably way too much but it's what I love to do!! Also this everning, Corey will begin his coaching career, as South Canton will be playing their first game of the season. Corey will be calling plays for the offense. Good Luck!!

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