Monday, August 16, 2010

All In A Day

Yesterday, Sunday Aug. 15, I met Kim Love- Ottobre at the CB at MO. We got in a very pleasant run in but the weather was still hot and humid. Ended up with around 24 miles, doing the purple to the lodge loop and the orange loop. My hubby, Mark met us at Hickory Ridge, for the last 9 miles. In the past year, I have gotten to know Kim and really enjoy her company. She is such a great person and runner!! I like to listen to all her running adventures and take in any advise she has to offer!! I wish we all had her drive and ambition in life! The sad part of the day, came when Kyle left for school after being home for a couple of weeks. How I hate it, when one or all of the boys come home and then leave :( Really feeling the empty nest, but I still have my Keithie at home!!! Kyle reports in for C-C camp at OWU on Tuesday and then school a week from Monday.

Today, Aug. 16., Got up early for boot camp, followed with an 8.2 mile run and then 1 mile on the treadmill at the Y. I put it on the highest grade, 15% and walked as fast as I could without running. The pool at the Y will be closed for a week due to cleaning, so instead of swimming, I will be on the treadmill or step master. I then, went down to Kyle's house in Delaware, to once again, help clean. I guess he needs a clean start to the year!! I was pleased to find the house in good condition, only having to clean the kitchen, bathrooms and floors. Good Luck, Kyle with school and running!!!!

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