Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's Paying Off

Well, I finally think the boot camp class I have been doing, is paying off. I have been at it for 5 weeks now and the instructor kept telling me to give it 6 weeks. I guess he was right!! I had the best run ever, today!! I went to Mo, started from the PR start and ran 5 miles out and back on the bike trail. I felt strong and quick which hasn't happened in a long while. Total 10.5 miles

Alot of activity going on in the househod this weekend. Corey come home tonight with all his laundry, Kyle is going back to OWU tomorrow and will report in for C-C camp on Tuesday and I'm trying to get Keith ready to start his Jr. year in 10 days. My, how the summer has flown by!!!!!!!!!!

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