Monday, August 9, 2010

Keith's 17th Birthday

This past Friday, August 6th, my youngest baby turning 17. It's really hard to believe that he is that old already but a fine young man he has become. I miss the cute little chubby kid he once was but am amazed at the person he has become and I am anxious to see how much more he will develop and change. I love my, Keithie!!!
He had a busy day, football practice, football pictures, work and the athletic booster drive. The party began in the evening! His girlfriend, Katelyn and a friend, Meme came to the house, baked a cake and decorated the pool area. Friends from the football team began to arrive and fill the pool. When the kids were young, the pool seemed so big but now, the pool is rather small with all the big bodies. I use to worry about the kids drowning in the pool and now I worry about them doing stunts off the board and cracking their heads open! There is always something to worry about!! Anyway, I think they all had a good time with swimming, pizza and cake.
We continued the party on Saturday night, when my parents came over with more cake and of course, presents. Now on the Kyle's birthday in a couple of weeks, when he will turn 21!! Now, I do feel really old!!!!

My workouts since last Tuesday --

Wednesday 8-4-10 Boot camp and 16 miles at CVNP with Dan Bellinger and Kim and Mike Boner. The heat relly got to me on that day!!

Thruday 8-5-10 6 miles on the road in the AM and 7.1 miles on the trails at Malabar Farm with the Mansfield Y run club in th PM.

Friday 8-6-10 Keith's Birthday - Boot camp, 8 miles and 1 and 1/4 mile swim with 250yd pull and 200yd kick.

Saturday 8-7-10 18 miles at MO with 15 of those miles with Kim Boner.

Sunday 8-8-10 21 miles at MO with Mike Keller and Melissa Cairnes and Mark joined us for the last 10 miles.

Monday 8-9-10 Boot camp, 8 miles and 1 and 1/4 mile swim with 350yd pull and 100yd kick

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