Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I'll start with Friday's events. First, it was Kyle's 21st Birthday!! Good because he has made it this far and has turned into a fine, young man but bad because he is now legal and can buy alcohol :( I no longer have control and I probably never did!! LOL Bad, because Kyle turning 21 definitly makes me feel old!! On Friday morning, I had a great boot camp workout, fast and hard and a great 1.25 mile swim. However, my run was bad and ugly! After a tough boot camp workout, I just couldn't get into a groove on my run and felt and I'm sure looked terrible!! On to Friday night football! Keith and the Loudonville Redbirds took a disappointing loss in the last 15 seconds of the game, losing by one point 28-27. Keith had a good game with some tackles and carries but it just slipped through their fingers!! Next week they willl get another try against Crestview. Also on Friday evening, Corey and his girlfriend, Lauren came home for the game, which means we had a bunch of 22+ year old's hanging at the house! Never a dull moment at the Lemke's, which is a good thing, I guess :)

On to Saturday, started a run at MO at 6am with a great group of people, Star B, Michelle B, Lindsey B, Mark C, Dave H, Steve Z, Rob P, and Jay S. We got in 20 miles and I felt good for the entire run. For me, not a real fast run but certainly not a slow one! Lauren left in the afternoon for Marietta College and Corey left in the evening for a night with friends. Keith was sore and tired from the football game and still disappointed but you learn from your mistakes!

Sunday morning, met with Michelle B, Rob P and Mark L for another run at Mohican. We started at the bridle staging area and Rob took us on a short cut through the red/green loop. Rob and Michelle ran 8, Mark ran 11 and I got in 18. Another good run but it started heating up again by the time I was done. Then this evening, we went down to OWU to take out Kyle for his Birthday. We took down my mom and dad,and Keith and his girlfriend , Kate. We took Kyle some food stuff , cake and ate at Bob Evans. Kyle was not in the best of moods because his knee has been bothering him and slowing him down on his runs, not a good thing. I'll say lots of prayer and keep my fingers crossed that everything will be ok!!

So the weekend turned out with alot of good, some bad and alittle ugly :)

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Lisa said...

Rock on, Terri! Sounds like it was a great run! I was doing pavement in the direct sun yesterday and that was a big UGH! Looking forward to running with you at Mo ont he 9th. If you can find some other folks to join us, feel free to invite! -- Lisa