Tuesday, August 3, 2010

On The Other Side

Got up Saturday morning and got my 10.5 miles in on the trails at MO and then my husband, Mark and I headed up to CVNP to work at the covered bridge aid station for the Burning River 100. We were to work there through the night but decided to go up early to watch the runners, which some were my friends, go through some of the other aid stations. I had mixed feelings about being there and not running. I really wanted to run but my head was not into it and I don't think I would have been able to live through another DNF. What better way to give back to the running community that I so love, than to help others in their time of need! It was inspiring watching runners come to the aid station at mile 80. Some looked like they just ran 5 miles and others were struggling to continue. It has made me yearn to get back out there and try again, maybe this fall, hint, hint!! It was amazing to watch Jay Smithberger in the top group, Michael Patton, who was going for a PR, Star Blackford, who was pacing a group that wanted to run 24hrs and then she managed to run 22 hrs. Poor Stephen Zeidner, came into the aid station very sick, but managed to run 26 hrs and then, of course, you have Roy Hager and Ron Ross, who are two of the most amazing men I know, always stead fast and strong. Congrats, to all runners and thank you for giving me back the yearning to try again!!

Sunday - Finally a day of rest!!!

Monday - Boot camp, 7 mile run, 2 of those miles were at tempo pace, 1 mile swim with 10x25yd sprints and 300yd pull.

Today, Tuesday - 10 miles at MO, abs with NO lifting. I am going to take a week off of lifting and see if the boot camp will be enough without losing any strengh?

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