Saturday, August 21, 2010

Week of Aug.15-21, 2010 Too Many???

Probably way to many miles this week, maybe that's why I did absolutely horrid in the half marathon today. I need to cut some things in my training out, but what, I don't know! ? My running has been really terrible this year and it's a major struggle, every step of the way. I need to run quality and not quanity and the boot camp at this point, hasn't really help much. I am old school, with the thought, that the more miles the better. My OCD kicks in and I can't stop myself from doing more and more!! If anyone out there can give me some advise, thanks!!

Sunday - 24 miles at MO with Kim Love

Monday - boot camp, 8.2 miles on the road and 1.25 miles walking on the treadmill at 15% incline

Tuesday - 11 miles on the trails at MO and did my benching

Wednesday - boot camp, 8.5 miles on the war, and 1.25 walking on the treadmill at 15% incline

Thrusday - 6.5 miles on the trails in the am and 6.5 miles on the trails in the pm with the Mansfield Y run club

Friday - boot camp and 8 miles on the trails at Malabar Farm

Saturday - 1/2 marathon in Wooster, Buehler's Heart and Sole Community walk/run, felt terrible and ran terrible, 6th woman and 1st master female, 1:39.21, with warm-up and warm-down, 17 miles

Total of the week - 90 miles

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