Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Forget The PR Training Weekend

This past weekend was the first training weekend for the PR 50k. I knew that with all the snow cover it would be two long and tough runs but at the same time tons of fun!!

Saturday Jan.29th was a training run at MO of about 15 miles that started at the Firetower at 9 am. I wanted to get in 20+ miles that day so I decided to start earlier at the Covered Bridge. Lindsey Brokaw met me at 8 am to join me in the extra miles. We started on the bike trail that runs up to the FT which would give us close to 4 miles. Once we got started, I knew it would be a long day with all the snow. We got up to the FT to join the other runners right before 9 am. It is always so good to see all my running friends and it always lifts my spirit to be able to run with others. We started off through the deep snow by way of the bridle trail. Since Rob Powell, the RD, has changed the course, I am no longer familiar with the course and had no idea which trail and in what order we would be running. The group I ended up running with didn't know the course either and before long we had made a wrong turn. We weren't lost but just all turned around until Rob some how found us going the wrong direction. We had ran about 1.5 miles off course and had to turn around and run back making it 3 extra miles. Normally it would be no big deal but in the snow everyone was getting real tired!! Most of the group headed back but Joe Crawford, Rob Powell, Michelle Bichsel and myself continued on the course. Rob and Michelle ended up taking a short cut back which left Joe and myself to continue on to finish the drudge fest. By the time I got back to the FT and was extremely tired but had to go back to the CB to the car. Many offered me a ride, but I was bound and deteremined to get the miles in. It ended up being 24 miles by the time I ran back to the CB!!! Tired but happy :)

Sunday Jan. 30th was the second PR run of the weekend that started at Mohican Adventures which will be the start/finish of the race. We had an other inch or so of snow, so once again, I thought it would be a long slow day. Tired and a little sore from yesterday, I figured I would have to take it easy and run alittle slow. Once I got started, I found myself running with the lead group and feeling good. Running was a lot easier but a little bit slippery, so this old lady had to really watch herself!!lol I had to stay focused in order to keep on my feet!!! We ran up what us runners call"The Big Ass Hill" to the FT, down to the CB, the purple loop and then along the river back to Mohican Adventures. That gave us 17.2 miles but my goal was 20 miles, so Mark Carroll went back out with me until we ran into Kim Love and then turned around for a total of 20.2 miles. Mark needed 1.8 miles so he could get in his 20, so back out I went with him and ended up with 22 miles for the day!!!

Thank you to Rob Powell and Michelle Bichsel for putting the runs together!!!

Monday Jan. 31st - 6 miles on the road, 1.25 mile swim that included 400 yd pull and 45 min. spin class

Tuesday Feb.1 - ice storm, no school for Keith and the weatherman said more is on the way :(`10 miles on the treadmill with pick ups at all different distances and speeds, lifted weights

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