Thursday, February 17, 2011


It must have been the weather today!!!! Three good runs in a row on the roads and I will be honest with you, I got alittle carried away. Wanted to at least get in 12 miles but you all know me, the run ended up being longer and tougher than I thought :)

I ran south of Loudonville along route 3 until I came to some back roads that leads you to my childhood home. I knew that there would be some pretty good climbs on these roads and that is just what I wanted for the day!!! After I hit mile 5, I started to do hill repeats. Every hill I came too, I would run it twice, trying to push the pace. Some of the hills were long and gradual and some were short and steep. The longest was a half of a mile and the shortest was less than 400yds. My 12 miler ended up being 18 miles :)

I just couldn't stop there so, I did a short lift!!!

6 weeks out from Umstead 100, so I need to keep on pushing!!!!

Also, I looked at the Massanutten 100 website and I am up to #43 on the wait list. Chances are that I will get in. Sooooooo, I'm starting to get nervous because I need to finish the race this year and I know how hard the course is. Today was just the start of hill training and anything else I can do to gain leg strength!!

Help me dear Lord!!!!!!

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