Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tough Workouts

Well, in the last two days, I have had two long, hard workouts!!! The body is holding up pretty good but the legs are starting to get tired!! If I can make it through the weekend, next week will be a slight taper week for the Green Jewel 50k. I don't want to taper too much because I need to keep the miles up inorder to be ready for Umstead :)

Yesterday, Wednesday 2-23-11 A real killer of a workout!!!! Just the kind I like :) 8 miles on the road, 1.25 mile swim, 45 min. spin class and 3 miles on the stairmaster!! Gotta love it :) I tried to hit each workout as hard as I could and believe me when I was done, I was DONE!!!!!!!!!

Today, Thrusday 2-24-11 Woke up to ice outside which meant Keith had a two hour delay. That meant I could sleep in!!! Yea, for me!!! After Keith left at 10am, I was right behind him to start my run. I felt good and light as I hit the 5 mile mark so I decided to do some hill repeats. I did 3 hill repeats on a hill that was a little over a half of a mile! Still feeling good, I decided to continue my run on those childhood roads where it all started many years ago!!!!! Ended up with 15.2 miles and struggled at the end :( I need to learn not only to run on tired legs but also learn to hold it together mentally when I get tired! I think that is my down fall in my 100 milers!!! Really trying to work on it :) Lifted after my run

Tomorrow looks like a dreadmill run because they are calling for 10 inches of snow here at Mohican :( Will it ever end................

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