Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fun Run At Mohican

It was an early start this morning at Mohican with Michael Patton, Jay Smithberger, Seth Chin-Parker, Mark Carroll, Rob Powell and Michelle Bichsel. 7:15am to be exact!! We ran the long loop of the new Mohican 100 course. From what I understand, the runners will run this long loop twice and then the third and fourth time around, the purple trail will be eliminated. Not positive, but something like that.

Tried my best to stay up with the big dogs, who were not running hard. As for me, at times I had to push the pace to keep them in eye sight!! All in all, a good run for me except for that darn ICE!! If I go down, I'll never get up, plus I might break a hip or something!!!lol The worse part of the trail was trying to run to the Little Lyons Falls to the hand over hand climb. You either had to run(walk) on ice or run in the stream and have wet feet! Actually, kind of scary!!!!! Everyone survived, although poor Michelle fell a couple of times and not on ice. She went down hard and tore up her hand alittle. I think Rob also took a tumble!! I hope they are both OK!!!!!

Total of 25 miles with great runners and friends :)

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