Tuesday, February 15, 2011

On The Trails Again

I finally got back on the trails again after two weeks due to the crappy weather. It was great to be out there again but the footing was not the best, to say the least!! For some reason, I think it is all mental, my body feels so much better on the trails no matter their condition!! So this is what has been happening since last Thrusday....

Thrusday 2-10-11 10.25 miles on the road and lifted weights

Friday 2-11-11 A totally crazy workout that included 7 miles on the road, 1.25 miles in the pool, 45 min. spin class and 3.8 miles on the stair climber

Saturday 2-12-11 10.5 miles on the trails. I decided to only run on the bike trail, mainly because I just wasn't sure how icy and snowy the trails actually would be. I started at the old PR start and ran to the 5 mile marker and back. The snow was frozen so I could run on top to it but as time went on and it started to warm up, my feet would start to crash through the snow. Slow going!!!!

Sunday 2-13-11 No Shirt 50k FA - I was excited to be out on the trails for a long run and to be able to do it with many friends. I knew the trails up at CVNP would be similar to the trail conditions at MO, so I figured it would be a long day. A long day it was!!!! When we first started out the snow was frozen and we had no trouble running on top of the snow. I ran with Tracy Ross for the first 11 miles and we seemed to have no problem. Running with Tracy is always fun and she makes the time go by quickly!!! Tracy turned around and I teamed up with Roy Hegar, Michelle Bichsel, and Rob Powell. We hung tight and had a good pace going for the next 5 miles until we reached the turn around point. At this time, the snow was starting to get soft due to the 45 degree temp. which was a great thing but made running very difficult!! The 16 miles back to the start point was hard and slow!! We were all getting tired and every step we took either slipped to one side or the other. We practically slid down the hills and many times about slid off the edges. We all started whinning and couldn't get done fast enough!! 7:22 was the time we were running and we felt every second of that run!! Fun but very exhausting!!! Thanks Roy, Michelle, and Rob for keeping me going :) A special thanks to Roy for organizing the event!!!

Monday 2-14-11 Happy Valentine's Day!!!! A day of rest :) I felt pretty good except for my feet. They were very sore, I think from being wet for so long on Sunday!! Kyle came home to go to the ENT doctor for his cough that has been effecting his running:( Just more inhalers!!!!

Tuesday 2-15-11 A great 12.5 miles on the road and lifted weights. I guess a day off can do wonders :)

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