Friday, February 4, 2011

Doing My Best In These Conditions

Keith had another two hour delay, so once again I took advantage of it and slept in until 9am. Believe me it felt good!!!!!!! Once he left for school, I was out the door for my run. The roads seemed to be in better shape and not all covered with ice but no room on the sidewalks or the berm of the road so running was alittle dicey!!! You really couldn't get a good pace going because as soon as you did, you would have to slow down for cars or the ice. Did 8.5 miles the best I could without freaking out :)

I haven't been to the Y since the ice storm, so today was the day! Only the second time in a week. I really need to get some more swim miles in and be alittle bit more faithful on the spinning class. I guess one can only do so much!!!!lol Swam 1.5 miles and felt surprisingly good although it wasn't to0 fast.

Tomorrow, I would like to get out on the trails but I'm not sure of the conditions. I guess I'll just have to give it a try and do my best!!! I do need to run 10 miles tomorrow for an 80 mile week!! I feel really good about that but tired...........

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