Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow And Ice Not Very Nice

The weather in the last three days have been pretty nasty!!! Ice, snow, wind, cold and more ice and more snow!!!!!! I guess it's how you look at it. For Keith , who is a junior in high school, and even my two sons who are in college, this nasty weather means no school and is great. For people who have to go to work, this type of weather means alot of extra work and driving on bad roads. Most of us worry about losing electric, staying warm and being bored from staying inside all the time. But, for us runners, ice and snow means long hours on the treadmill sweating our asses off!!

For the last two days, that is exactly what I have had to do, sweat my ass off!!! Actually, once I get going on the stupid thing, it's not so bad!! I just can't run a steady pace so I try to mix it up to break up the boredom.

Tuesday 2-1-11 Freezing rain, snow and wind so it was on the treamill!! 10 miles with pick ups of different times and distances. Lifted weights

Wednesday 1-2-11 Groundhog Day, He didn't see his shadow so that means we will have an early spring(I think that's how it goes) 12 miles on the treadmill with different inclines and speeds. Lifted weights. I went out in the morning to let the dog out and fell down so the rest of the day I stayed in!!

Thrusday 1-3-11 I couldn't take it anymore and ran outside. The first run was in the am and I wore my screwed trail shoes. Ran 6.6 on the roads which were still iced covered but the shoes worked well. Lifted weights. Run number two was in the pm and I wore my regular road shoes which was a mistake. I was slipping and sliding everywhere for 6 miles. 12.6 total with a left sore knee :(

Hopefully, there will be school tomorrow and life will get back to normal :) A trip to the Y is needed.................

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