Saturday, February 19, 2011

Loving The Runs

Friday(2-18-11) Day four of another good run!!!!!! I've said it before, all the slow miles in the ice and snow must be paying off!!!!!! The plan was an 8 miler on the road and to try and push the pace as much as possible. Just under 8 min. miles the entire 8 miles :) Now, I know that is not extremely fast but at this point in the game, I'm pleased :) At my age, the body just doesn't respond like it use to!! The other good thing that happened on this run was no pain!! No back, IT band or hamstring pain!! Not even the slap foot I sometimes get with my left foot due to the pinched nerve!! For a change, it all fell together!!!!!
The rest of my workout, however, did not fair as well!! I got in the pool and got my usual mile and a fourth in but I suffered!! I did 4x25yd sprints and 4x50 yds sprints followed with a 300yd pull. It was hard and I was exhausted!!! On to spin class :) Nothing left in my legs but I gave it my best shot!!!! Sweat was pouring off of me and my quads were screaming!! At one point, I thought I might pass out!! lol I guess I over did it :) Gotta love it!!!!!!

Today(2-19-11) I needed an easy run!!! Went out to the trails and decided to go along the river at MO for an easy 10 miles. About 3 miles into it, the trails became very icy from all the thawing and freezing. I didn't have my screwed shoes, so I turned around and headed out on the bike trail. On this trail, the conditions were good and the run was easy :) Got in 11.5 miles and then came home and lifted.

Total of 93 miles for the week.

Life goes on................

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