Thursday, July 30, 2009

Running with Kyle

kyle & kristen
kyle running

Today I got 7 miles in on the cross-country course in Loudonville. It's about a quarter of a mile down the hill from our house. Last night, Kyle, my middle son, asked if i wanted to run with him in the morning. He had a 7 mile recovery run so he would be running easy.LOL I agreed, so at 7:00am off we went. I was a little worried about the pace because of my back and leg but running on the grass would be a lot easier and it was. We averaged about 8 min. mile pace which was real slow for him. As for me, the pace was easy if only my leg didn't hurt. I don't get to run with Kyle very much because he is so much faster than this old lady but it was really fun to be able to talk about running and life in general as we ran around the course.

Let me fill you in alittle bit about Kyle. He's my middle son,age 19. He attends Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware,OH and is majoring in Physical Therapy, with a 3.8 GPA. He also runs c-c and track. Thank goodness I have a runner in the family. Although, we are so much alike that we often butt heads about training techniques and other problems that arise with a young man!! He started running in Jr.High as a sprinter and football player. He was a great running back but broke his ankle at the end of his 8th gr. football season,which pretty much ended his football career. He holds the Loudonville Jr.High records in the 100(11.5), 200(24.2) and 400(55.3). When he entered HS, he decided he wanted to be a distance runner and joined c-c. It was a good choice for him because he become quite good as long as he stayed healthly, Kyle has a problem with staying healthly. It seems like once he starts running real well he gets injuried.(kind of like his mother LOL) He has always been in the top 7 while in HS. His pr for a 5k is 17:o3. Track running is his real love. He holds the HS record in the 800m 1:58.6 but never made it to state. That's his real love the 800m but he can also run a fast 400m 51 in HS. Thanks goes to Don Baun for being a great coach to Kyle.
The start of his college running was not a very good experience for him. First of all, he had an IT band injury and was unable to train last summer so he was not in good shape entering c-c season, plus he had to move up in distance to an 8k. I don't think Kyle likes pain sometimes you just have to gut through it! And maybe he missed mommy alittle!! He did manage to run a 28:24. Indoor track was much better for him. He won the conference 800m in a pr of 1:56.04. Outdoor once again he got sick with some kind of upper respitory infection. I personally think he had mono but he would't get tested. He only placed 8th at conference and couldn't top 1:56.
This summer, he has been running great. He can hold 6:00min. mile pace for 10miles and 5:35 pace for his tempo runs. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and saying alot of prayers that he stays healthly!!!! It looks good so far. So that's pretty much Kyle other than getting his heart broke by his HS seetheart but of course he has another girl friend from Memphis, TN and will be living in a house this school year with three girls. THAT'S KYLE!!

After our run, I didn't lift but did abs. Went to the Y, swam 1mile and a fourth doing a ladder starting with 25m,50m, 75m, 100m, and back down.

Enough blabbing for now, Talk later!

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