Sunday, May 8, 2011

Our New Addition

Wednesday evening turned into quite an evening of turmoil, or maybe I should say excitement or disbelief!!! I was downstairs and I heard Mark say"oh, no, Terri, come upstairs and look out the door." There in our yard was Keith, his girlfriend, Kate and a little puppy!!! Kate works with a friend that had a dog with pups and of course, they thought that we needed one!! At the time, I thought it would be fun to have something young and playful at the house but didn't think twice about it until I saw the puppy in the yard!!

He's a cute little thing and he is VERY playful!!!! He is a mutt, part jack russell, english bulldog and terrier. I haven't got much done around the house the last couple of days except play with the pup, that we have named MO!! Quite fitting, don't you think :) Good thing I am tapering for MMT and have time to fuss with the little thing!!!!

Tapering is going well for MMT and my legs feel good except for the right achillies which is not happy at times!! I think with only a couple of days of running this week it should be good to go!!!

Thursday 5-5-11 8.5 miles on the road, very easy :) Lifted weights Kyle came home for the afternoon to buy his girlfriend a graduation gift. She will be graduating from OWU on Sunday! A little bittersweet!! Kyle is done with finals and is now a Sr. at OWU. Hard to believe!!!

Friday 5-6-11 Day Off!!!! It was puppy duty all day :) Keith had a meet but didn't run due to his back and hamstring!! Hopefully, he will be ready for the conference meet on Tuesday.

Saturday 5-7-11 11 miles on the trails and core work!! Went to Oberlin College to watch Kyle run in the finals of the 800 at the NCAC Conference meet. He had a great race with a time of 1:57 for 8th place!!!

Sunday 5-8-11 5.5 miles on the trails I was going to meet some runners at MO that were going to run long but decided I didn't want to get caught up in the excitement and run any more than 5 so I ran early and by myself. It was a peaceful run and I am(at this point) at ease with running MMT!! I think I'm ready!!!

5 days and counting.............

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