Sunday, October 4, 2009

Always a Busy Weekend

The above pictures are of Kyle at the All Ohio C-C Championship on Friday and Kyle and Corey after Corey's game on Saturday in Marietta.

Kyle ran in the open race and ran a 29:27.2 for 39th place out of281 runners. The course was hilly, muddy and very slow for everyone. Kyle did break into the top 7 for Wesleyan so that was a good thing!! The football players in our family didn't fair so well. On Friday night, Keith and the Birds lost to Utica 18-15. Keith is very down because he missed a couple of key tackles and I think he is afraid that it will cost him his starting position. I hope not but we will find out this week. Corey also struggled on Saturday, when Marietta played Capital. He missed a tackle and the guy scored so Corey was pulled out and didn't play again until the fourth quarter. He also missed an extra point on the first touchdown for Marietta and on the second touchdown, his backup kicked and made the extra point. Marietta ended up losing 34-13. I feel real bad for the boys, but in Corey's case, you have to look at the big picture and he is almost done with football and he needs to concentrate on the rest of his life. He has had a great football career and should hold his head up high. We all need to remember that everyone has bad games no matter how good you are!! Alot of praying also helps!

As for my running, on Friday I ran 8 miles and lifted. Saturday, I run 11.5 miles. Today, I ran 20.5. The problem I am having now is deciding if I should run the Towpath Marathon this coming Sunday or do Columbus. Maybe, I'll do both. On October 26, I am running Run with Scissors 52 mile trail race, so the other two marathons I am not for sure.

The last thing I want to add, is to tell everyone to come to the Loudonville Fair this week Oct. 6-10. If you have not been to our fair in Loudonville, you should try to come. What a great time you will have. Until the next time............

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