Monday, October 12, 2009

Sore and Stiff

Don't know why, but I am really sore from this last marathon. I could hardly walk this morning when I got out of bed and last night I didn't sleep well because I couldn't get in a comfortable position. I haven't been this sore since Mohican 100. I think I did everything I was suppose to when I was done yesterday, like stretch, walk a bit and drink chocolate milk. I just don't understand why I'm so sore this time and not other times. I even took an ice bath last night and froze my butt off!!! Hopefully, I'll be better by tomorrow, so I can at least run alittle. I was able to hobble to the pool today and swam 1 and1/2 miles. I do believe that helped some:) I'm still planning on running Columbus, Sunday so I hopefully I'll be better by then.

I found out the names of the two people I ran with at the Towpath Marathon yesterday. Eileen Meisler, who ended up placing 3rd overall for the women and Doug Klein, who placed a couple runners behind me. Without them, I probably wouldn't have run as well as I did. It is nice to know that you are never alone during a race even amoung runners you don't know. Thanks, guys:)

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Nick said...

Rest up. Hopefully I will see you at Columbus.