Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Beautiful Fall Run

Only ran 5 miles this morning on the trails at Mohican. It was such a great morning to be on the trails. I ran along the river and it was so peaceful and quite. It really does the soul good and gives you a chance to think about life and such. I wish everyday could be like that!! When you are done with such a great run, you have to go back to reality and face the everyday problems. At least one can get away for awhile and enjoy the beauty God gave us.

My reality, today, as I'm running on the trails and thinking about the upcoming 50 mile race on Sunday, was how am I going to see all the rocks and roots on the trail that the leaves are covering up. It became very obvious that the leaves are going to be a problem on Sunday. It's very hard to see where you are planting your feet and I have a great fear that I will fall. I will just have to watch what I am doing and pray that I don't go down:( The other problem I have with this Sunday, is starting in the dark. The race starts at 5 am and it will probably be dark for a couple hours. I am not familiar with the course plus the leaves and the dark, I'm sure to make a wrong turn:( I'm really going to have to stay focused and alert or I will for sure will get lost! My plan is to try and stay with someone who knows the course, at least until it gets light! I'll have to say a lot of prayers and keep my fingers crossed!

After my run, I went to the Y and swam 1 an1/4 miles.

Also, we got a call from Corey, Monday evening and he was running a fever and had a sore throat. Of course my first thought was H1N1, but he went to the Dr. and tested neg. for both strep and H1N1. They gave him an antibiotic but at this point his throat is very sore with swollen glands, but no fever. He got through practice, none the less and will probably go back to the Dr. tomorrow if he is not better. As usual, I'm very worried. No surprise, there!!! Until tomorrw.........


Mark Carroll said...

Cannot wait to see you Sunday!

The Salty One said...

You are amazing! Great job in Columbus!!!!