Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Getting Better

Felt much better today!! My Quads are fine but my calves are still sore. My right calf is bruised on the ball of the muscle. Usually, when there is a bruise on the muscle like that, there is a tear. However, I was able to run this morning, even though it was painful. I have been icing and heating so I think I'll be ok to run on Sunday. How fast, I'm not sure. I ran 5 miles, lifted weights and swam a mile and a fourth. I have been feeling good when I am swimming and have no leg pain at all!
After working out this morning, I went to see Kyle at OWU. They are on fall break until Monday, so we went out to lunch and did some shopping. He couldn't come home because of c-c practice and they will be leaving for Gettysburg, PA on Friday for a meet. He has grown up so much and has become a fine young man! We had a good time this afternoon, and before I knew it I had to leave. It's always sad to leave the boys at school and go home with out them. I don't know if I will ever get use to it:( Sometimes I wish they were little again and I could tuck them in bed and kiss them good night. I always say good night to them no matter were they are! Good night Corey and Kyle! Good night all!

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Nick said...

Have you soaked in a Hot Epsom Salt bath Yet?

You should also try Recover-Ease. This stuff is awesome. Almost no soreness after races/long runs.