Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Little Bit Of Everything

I didn't mean to workout so much today, especially after all the racing I have been doing the last 3 weeks, but..... once I got started and feeling half way decent, I just kept going! Alittle OCD don't you think!! Anyway, this how the day went:

-3.5 mile run
-lifted weights that included bench, incline bench, decline bench, fly on exercise ball with straight arms, bent arms, reverse fly, shoulder press, inverted row on bar and abs.
-45 min. spinning class at the Y
-1 mile swim

Monday and Tuesday, I was lazy and only got to the pool to swim after a morning nap.LOL

I'm still undecided about running the Bobcat Trail Marathon on Nov. 8. There is also a group of runners meeting at Mohican the same day so I will do one or the other.

Keep on runnin and take it from me, if there is a will there is a way!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Run With Scissors Double Marathon

Running a 54.4 mile race after two marathons in two weeks, what was I thinking! Yesterday, I ran Run with Scissors Double Marathon which was in Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Penninsula, OH. The race was all on trail with hills, rocks, roots, leaves, stream crossings and lots and lots of mud. I did ok, but my time was slow.10 hrs and 17 min. I wanted to at least run an hour faster but under the conditions and on legs that weren't freash, I guess I'm happy. It was a tough course, tougher than I thought! I finished 1st female and 5th overall.

The morning started very early. Mark was going up to crew for me so we got up at 2:00am and left the house at 2:30am. We arrived in Penninsula around 4am with the race start at 5am. The start would be in the dark and I was alittle uncertain about footing since the leaves would be covering up the trail. I decided not only to wear my headlamp but to also carry a small flashlight which turned out to be very helpful to the group I was running with because I could shine the light up in the trees to see the ribbons marking the course. The first 10- 15 miles were in the dark and everyone was having a good time. Runners seemed to be split up in groups to help each other with lighting and directions. Actually, it was fun to be on the trails at that time of the morning, seeing all these lights bobbing around was really neat. I got with a group of about 4 guys,which made me feel secure and we helped each other through the dark. At about mile 12, the sky started to brighten and it got much easier to run and follow the course. When we reached the covered bridge, at mile 10, the aid station workers gave us a pair of scissors to carry with us. We had to find this skeleton head on the trail, that would have with it, two books. We were to cut a picture out of the book and take the picture and scissors back to the aid station. I must say that this was different! At mile 18, I started feeling bad and started thinking that I would only be able to do the marathon. I think my blood sugar was low from not eating, so I made sure at the next aid stop to eat and drink. After that, the food, gatoraide and coke kicked in and I felt like a whole new person! Thank goodness I had other runners with me to keep me going! At the turn around, I ate some soup and turned around to do it all over again. The second time around was much harder and I walked more which caused me to run the second lap, 20 min. slower. Somewhere around 30 miles, I was trying to avoid some mud and ran into a patch of prickers and scratched up my leg. It looked like I had sliced open my leg with all the blood but it eventually stopped and dried up along with all the mud that was caked on my legs! With 20 miles left, I started to get tired but tried to keep pushing myself. The legs were starting to really suffer!! It was so good to see the finish line and I was so happy that I didn't stop after the first loop.

Congrats, goes to all the finishers and Roy Heger for putting on a great race! David Peterman, who won the men's double and Beth Woodward won the women's marathon(she even got lost) both ran great races as did Michael Patton, Mark Carroll, Ron Ross and Tanya Cady.

Now it is time to take it easy for a while!! I knew I had to do something today to keep my muscles loose so, I swam 1 and 1/4 miles at the Y, I think it helped loosen me up. As for what's on my plate next, who knows, maybe the Bobcat trail marathon on Nov. 8. Time will tell.........

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another Good Trail Run

Ran 6.5 miles this morning on the trails at Mohican. Once again, it was so peaceful and quite. If I didn't have the 50 miler this weekend, I would have gone for a long one. It's just a great time of the year!! However, it sounds like the weather is going to change and the rain is on the way. So, that give me another thing to worry about for the weekend. Now, I have to worry about the wet trails along with the dark and leaves. I hope I survive!! After my run, I lifted weights. I then decided it was time to clean and move the bedroom furniture. Man, what a job but I got it done!

We heard from Corey this morning, and he is feeling much better! His throat is still sore but he is now able to eat and drink. The Dr. told him that it has only been 48 hrs since he has been on his medicine so it might just take awhile. Hopefully, that is the case and he will be better soon.

My plans for the rest of the week will be a swim tomorrow, total rest on Saturday and lots of praying on Sunday!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Beautiful Fall Run

Only ran 5 miles this morning on the trails at Mohican. It was such a great morning to be on the trails. I ran along the river and it was so peaceful and quite. It really does the soul good and gives you a chance to think about life and such. I wish everyday could be like that!! When you are done with such a great run, you have to go back to reality and face the everyday problems. At least one can get away for awhile and enjoy the beauty God gave us.

My reality, today, as I'm running on the trails and thinking about the upcoming 50 mile race on Sunday, was how am I going to see all the rocks and roots on the trail that the leaves are covering up. It became very obvious that the leaves are going to be a problem on Sunday. It's very hard to see where you are planting your feet and I have a great fear that I will fall. I will just have to watch what I am doing and pray that I don't go down:( The other problem I have with this Sunday, is starting in the dark. The race starts at 5 am and it will probably be dark for a couple hours. I am not familiar with the course plus the leaves and the dark, I'm sure to make a wrong turn:( I'm really going to have to stay focused and alert or I will for sure will get lost! My plan is to try and stay with someone who knows the course, at least until it gets light! I'll have to say a lot of prayers and keep my fingers crossed!

After my run, I went to the Y and swam 1 an1/4 miles.

Also, we got a call from Corey, Monday evening and he was running a fever and had a sore throat. Of course my first thought was H1N1, but he went to the Dr. and tested neg. for both strep and H1N1. They gave him an antibiotic but at this point his throat is very sore with swollen glands, but no fever. He got through practice, none the less and will probably go back to the Dr. tomorrow if he is not better. As usual, I'm very worried. No surprise, there!!! Until tomorrw.........

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Columbus Marathon

Well, I survived the Columbus Marathon this last Sunday. I wanted to run a 3:30 and was able to better that goal by running a 3:24.39. I was 574 out of around 16,000 runners, 8th out of 133 in the old lady division, and 74th out of 1,502 total women. Fairly pleased, considering that this was my second marathon in 7 days. The odd thing now is, I'm not sore at all. Compared to last week after the Towpath Marathon, which I could hardly walk for two days. I think the slower pace may have saved me this time. I ran about 20 secs. slower per mile. If I would have known that my legs would be ok afterwards, I would have ran harder!

The morning started out earlier, since we didn't stay in Columbus the night before. Mark and I, got down to Columbus and parked at about 6:30am which meant we left the house alittle after 5:00 am. After finding a bathroom, we got to the starting line around 7:10am and had to push and shove our way through the crowd to find the 3:30 pace group which was being lead by Darris Blackford. I figured that if I stayed with him, he would most definitly lead me to my 3:30 goal. I just couldn't believe how many runner there were. The last time I ran Columbus, there probably was half the runners there were this time. My plan was to run with Mark(he was running the 1/2) until he split off and then just go from there. The gun sounded and it took us about 45 sec. to reach the start line. Once we got going, we had to dodge alot of runners who should have started back farther. That really pisses me off!! The first couple of miles were slow and my leg were cold and stiff. My right calf was also bothering me until I started warming up at about mile 8. At that point, Mark started to drop and I was getting into my rhythm and started focusing on the task at hand. By mile 10, all aches, pains and coldness were gone and I felt much better. I knew it was coming, but at mile 14, I had to make a pit stop, which cost me only 30 sec. Thank goodness I only had to pee! From that point, I worked hard to catch back up to the runners that I had been running with and eventually passed them. I started to drink gatoraide at mile 18 which I think helped a ton! From about mile 18, which was around the OSU stadium, I would have one good mile and then struggle with the next mile, but I kept on pushing through it. I don't care how fast or slow you run a marathon, the last miles are long and painfull. At that point, it's all mental and how well you can deal with the pain. On those last couple miles, I always tell myself that any one can run 2 miles and try to catch the runners infront of me or try not to let any runners pass me. When I finished, I saw a couple of friends. Ron Ross was right behind me and I ran into Michael Patton, who ran a sub-3 hr race. Good job, guys! I actually felt pretty good when I finished and could tell right away that I would recover better than last week. I finally found Mark in the crowd, and we both waddled back to the car. Mark ran a 1:54 for his 1/2 marathon. Glad it's over and on to this Sunday's 52 miler at Run With Scissors.

When I woke up yesterday, I was just alittle sore and stiff. I swam 1 and 1/4 miles at the Y.

Today, I ran 6.5 on the trails and lifted weights, with only alittle soreness in my right calf. At this point, I'm not sure if I will run the whole 52 miles or just run 26 miles. I'll decide later.

Friday, October 16, 2009

A Cold Night for Football!

Ran 5 miles this morning in the cold. I finally broke out the long pants and tights! Took a shower and went down to Columbus to pick up my number for Sunday's marathon. I'm feeling better every day so I hope that everything will go ok on Sunday:) Not quite as sore or stiff!!

Tonight's football game in Loudonville is going to be a cold. I'm going to wear ski pants and coat. I'll probably still freeze. Keith's hamstring has really been bothering him so I hope he will be ok since it's going to be cold. I told him that he is going to have to keep it warm and stretched at halftime but he never listens to good, old mom. LOL GO BIRDS!!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cold and Rainy

Ran in the cold,rain this morning:( My whole body was achy and tired. My nose is running so I pray to God that I'm not getting sick. I'm asking myself, why in the hell did I sign up to run the Columbus Marathon on Sunday? Hopefully, once I get there and see all the runners, my adreniline will kick in and I will be good too go! Ran 6 miles, lifted weight and swam a mile and a fourth. Good luck to everyone that is running Columbus:)

The Lemke's will have another busy weekend. Keith plays East Knox at home tomorrow night, Corey plays at Marietta against Ohio Northern and Kyle runs in Gettysburg, PA on Saturday. Sunday, will be the marathon. WHEW!! I'm tired just thinking about it!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Getting Better

Felt much better today!! My Quads are fine but my calves are still sore. My right calf is bruised on the ball of the muscle. Usually, when there is a bruise on the muscle like that, there is a tear. However, I was able to run this morning, even though it was painful. I have been icing and heating so I think I'll be ok to run on Sunday. How fast, I'm not sure. I ran 5 miles, lifted weights and swam a mile and a fourth. I have been feeling good when I am swimming and have no leg pain at all!
After working out this morning, I went to see Kyle at OWU. They are on fall break until Monday, so we went out to lunch and did some shopping. He couldn't come home because of c-c practice and they will be leaving for Gettysburg, PA on Friday for a meet. He has grown up so much and has become a fine young man! We had a good time this afternoon, and before I knew it I had to leave. It's always sad to leave the boys at school and go home with out them. I don't know if I will ever get use to it:( Sometimes I wish they were little again and I could tuck them in bed and kiss them good night. I always say good night to them no matter were they are! Good night Corey and Kyle! Good night all!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not Much Better

I woke up this morning, still very sore and stiff. I really don't know why this marathon was so much harder on my body then the previous ones. My quads and calves seem to have taken a beating on this one, even though the marathon was run on a soft surface. I have been icing and stretching but decided that I shouldn't run for another day. Two whole days off from running, from me, that's unheard of!!! I do need to run tomorrow, if I plan to still do Columbus. My plan now, is to run the first half, with my husband Mark, who is doing the half marathon. From there, I will go on how I feel. I would like to think I could do a 3:30 but in my current condition, anything under 4 hrs and I will be happy.
Today, I lifted weights and swam a mile and a half.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sore and Stiff

Don't know why, but I am really sore from this last marathon. I could hardly walk this morning when I got out of bed and last night I didn't sleep well because I couldn't get in a comfortable position. I haven't been this sore since Mohican 100. I think I did everything I was suppose to when I was done yesterday, like stretch, walk a bit and drink chocolate milk. I just don't understand why I'm so sore this time and not other times. I even took an ice bath last night and froze my butt off!!! Hopefully, I'll be better by tomorrow, so I can at least run alittle. I was able to hobble to the pool today and swam 1 and1/2 miles. I do believe that helped some:) I'm still planning on running Columbus, Sunday so I hopefully I'll be better by then.

I found out the names of the two people I ran with at the Towpath Marathon yesterday. Eileen Meisler, who ended up placing 3rd overall for the women and Doug Klein, who placed a couple runners behind me. Without them, I probably wouldn't have run as well as I did. It is nice to know that you are never alone during a race even amoung runners you don't know. Thanks, guys:)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Towpath Marathon

I ran the Towpath Marathon this morning and am somewhat pleased with my performance, although it could have been better. The Towpath is a bike path minus the pavement in the Cuyahoga Valley Nation Park, so it was easier on the joints and legs. I am however, pretty sore and stiff. I don't know if it was the distance, pace or plain old age, I did however, finish. I ran 3 hrs 17min 23 sec and placed 2nd overall female. I was on a 3:15 pace until the last couple of miles but just couldn't hang on. I was running 5th for the women until about the half way point and then slowly started to pass the other women. At mile 20, I passed the 2nd place woman and was gaining on the first place woman until those last couple of miles. She only finished about a minute ahead of me, I just couldn't get her:( I fell in pace with a man and woman(she ended up third) at the very beginning of the race and it was a big help because we kept pushing each other! A big thanks to the two of them and I will get their names when the results come out. I need to try and train for those last two miles in the marathon, they always get me. If anyone has any ideas let me know. If it is not to late to get into the Columbus Marathon, I am planning to run it as an easy training run. The following week will be Run With Scissors 52+ miles on the trail. Hopefully, I can survive without an injury.
Good job to David Peterman, Ron Ross and Roy Heger who also ran today!!

Tomorrow, will be a easy swim at the Y, if I can get out of bed. LOL

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Little Behind on the Posting

It's been a couple of days since I last posted anything, so with not much time here is what has been happening.

Thrusday - ran a total of 7.5 miles with the C-C team and that included 8 x 400 on the track, all between 90 and 95 seconds, which was fine with me since I have the marathon on Sunday.

Friday - no running but swam a mile and a fourth. Keith and the Loudonville Redbirds beat Centerburg but Keith, personally had another rough game.

Today, Saturday - Complete day off so I can be ready to go tomorrow. Corey is playing at John Caroll this afternoon and Kyle has the weekend off. I'll probably head to the fair soon ,one last time, since today is the last day.

Details tomorrow on how the marathon went.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Taper, Who Me?

Well, so much for tapering before a marathon. Today, I ran 6 miles, did a weight workout for my biceps, triceps, back and did abs. Went to the Y and swam 1 and 1/2 miles. Went to the fair and watched Keith sing in the chior and of course, more fair food. While Keith was at practice, I took a nap instead of doing housework. Then back to the fair to socialize with people I normally only see this time of the year. Tomorrow will be intervals with the c-c team in the morning, since school is out for the fair. I heard we will be going 12x400. Don't know if I should be doing them with the marathon on Sunday, but why not, I just won't run them all out LOL. My plan for the rest of the week will be a swim on Friday and a total day off of Saturday. Depending on how Sunday goes, my plan is to also run Columbus:) Probably will end up hurting myself, but why not run them if I can:)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Loudonville Street Fair

Today the Loudonville Street Fair started and will run through Saturday. If you have never been to the fair you should try to come. It a great time for everyone. I have been going since I was a little girl. I showed market steers and hogs there growing up and passed it on to my boys when they were old enough. Sports eventually got in the way and by the time they were in HS they stopped showing. Two years ago, Keith got Grand Champion Market Hog. We had to keep our animals at someone's farm so it was a real hassle but always fun! I always count on gaining a couple of pounds when the fair rolls around. Hopefully, it won't hurt my marathon on Sunday. Even saw Joe and Dawn Crawford and their son tonight! Maybe I'll see you there, too!!!!!!

In the paper last week there was a poem/song that sums it up for us folks here in Loudonville.

Street Fair Song by Rev. J. H. Kuhlman

I'm going back to Loudonville
I'm going back to stay,
Where beauty blazons ev'ry hill,
And glory crowns the day.
Walhounding's valley beckons me,
'Tis time that I should start '
Where flows Mohican towards the sea.
Where beats Ohio's heart,
I'm going back to Loudonville,
I'm going with a smile;
Of other towns I've had my fill,
No matter what their style,
Here let the great world thunder by,
With all her arts and ills,
I've found, I've wot, my beauty spot
Mid Ashland County"s hills.
I'm going back to Loudonville,
To see her famous fair,
Than which there is, for throngs and thrill,
No greater anywhere.
The big balloon is going up,
The parachutes come down
Oh, what a treat, where thousands meet,
And boy, Oh, whata town!
I'm going back to Loudonville,
Beneath October skies;
The band is out, the barkers shout,
and hot dog odors rise,
"Hold everything"- Oh, what a thrill -
Make way for me, make way!
I'm going back to Loudonville, I'm going back to stay!

I ran 6.5 miles on the trails and it was such a beautiful morning. Came home and lifted weights. Gave the dog a bath, cleaned three bathrooms and did laundry. Went to the fair this evening and ate pizza and lerch's donuts!!!!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Decision Made

I have decided to go ahead and run the Towpath Marathon this Sunday. Not sure how fast I'll run it or how much I'll even taper for it but I signed up for it today! Maybe I'll try to do a 3:30. That should be a good pace for me without killing myself.

Today, I ran 6 miles in the morning and I was sort of stiff and sore from yesterday's 20 miler. Lifted weights and swam 1 and1/2 miles. Tomorrow, I would like to run on the trails and just do about 6 miles. The Loudonville Fair starts tomorrow, so I'll probably have to go down and get fair food! HEY!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Always a Busy Weekend

The above pictures are of Kyle at the All Ohio C-C Championship on Friday and Kyle and Corey after Corey's game on Saturday in Marietta.

Kyle ran in the open race and ran a 29:27.2 for 39th place out of281 runners. The course was hilly, muddy and very slow for everyone. Kyle did break into the top 7 for Wesleyan so that was a good thing!! The football players in our family didn't fair so well. On Friday night, Keith and the Birds lost to Utica 18-15. Keith is very down because he missed a couple of key tackles and I think he is afraid that it will cost him his starting position. I hope not but we will find out this week. Corey also struggled on Saturday, when Marietta played Capital. He missed a tackle and the guy scored so Corey was pulled out and didn't play again until the fourth quarter. He also missed an extra point on the first touchdown for Marietta and on the second touchdown, his backup kicked and made the extra point. Marietta ended up losing 34-13. I feel real bad for the boys, but in Corey's case, you have to look at the big picture and he is almost done with football and he needs to concentrate on the rest of his life. He has had a great football career and should hold his head up high. We all need to remember that everyone has bad games no matter how good you are!! Alot of praying also helps!

As for my running, on Friday I ran 8 miles and lifted. Saturday, I run 11.5 miles. Today, I ran 20.5. The problem I am having now is deciding if I should run the Towpath Marathon this coming Sunday or do Columbus. Maybe, I'll do both. On October 26, I am running Run with Scissors 52 mile trail race, so the other two marathons I am not for sure.

The last thing I want to add, is to tell everyone to come to the Loudonville Fair this week Oct. 6-10. If you have not been to our fair in Loudonville, you should try to come. What a great time you will have. Until the next time............

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Slow Run

Ran a slow 8 miles this morning. Felt slow and stiff. Maybe it's the cold weather. The bad thing is, it's going to get colder before it gets warmer. Went to the Y and swam a mile and a fourth that included 16x25yd sprints. That's it for the day but the weekend will be another busy one. Kyle runs the All Ohio in Delaware tomorrow afternoon. From there, we have to get home for Keith's football game and on Saturday it's a road trip to Marietta to watch Corey play football against Capital. I just tired thinking about it!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everyone stays safe and performs to the best of their ability. I'm always so proud of my BOYS!!!!!