Sunday, November 22, 2009

A good One

It's been a good weekend!!! Keith got over the flu and Kyle is home for Thanksgiving break, now I am just waiting for Corey to come home on Tuesday and the family will be together for a couple of days:) Kyle did, however, come home with a cold which doesn't seem to bad but I'm really afraid that I will come down with this flu thing or a cold. Other than keeping my hands washed, there is not much else I can do:( I can't afford to be down with the flu or a cold!

Running went well this weekend. On Saturday, I ran 8.5 miles on the trails at Mohican and then lifted weights and did abs. Today, I meet up with Rob, Don, Luc, Julie and Michelle at 7 am at the Covered Bridge in Mohican to run at least 16 miles. It was a rather cool and foggy start but all in all a good run. We did encounter a couple of things along the way, the first was a poor racoon laying on the trail by the river. It must have been sick because it was squirming around and looked strange. It scared me because I thought it might attack us!! The second encounter, was on the purple loop, which includes the little and big lyons falls. We were running at the bottom of the little falls and there was hunters above us. We heard a shot go off and it sounded like it was directed at us! It was close and loud! It got us all moving pretty quickly!! We got back at the Covered Bridge with 12 miles and called it a day. Oh, by the way, the hamstring is much better but the numbness in my right leg from the pinched nerve in my back has been bothering me. If it's not one thing it's another! Until next time.........

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