Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Soggy Trail Run

Decided to run on the trails today, thinking that the soft surface wouldn't be so hard on the hamstring. It felt much better than if I would have been on the road but I could still feel it pulling the whole time I was running. The heat seems to help loosen it up but I think I'm overstretching and that is irritating it. I'll just keep at it and take it easy. True to my word, I kept the miles low and got in 5.5 in the rain. On my way to the Camp A parking lot, it started to rain pretty hard. Oh well, couldn't very well turn around and go home, so off I went in the rain. The leaves on the ground started to get slippery so I ran rather slow but it was kind of peaceful. After I got home, I got dried off, went to the Y, swam a mile and a fourth and did a 45 min. spinning class. No lifting today:)

Tomorrow, will be Corey's 22nd birthday!! Happy B-Day, Sweetie!! It seems like yesterday since he was born. It's hard to forget 24 hrs. of hard labor and then the Drs. deciding it's time to do a c-section.But you all know me and I toughed it out and got a beautiful baby boy!! He is still at school so we will celebrate when he comes home for Thanksgiving. Until tomorrow.........

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Anonymous said...

Sorry you are having trouble with that darn hamstring. I've had stuff like that before and I know how frustrating it is. Take care of yourself and make sure you get a good stretch in after those spinning classes!

Best -

Lisa Fine