Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not The Best Decision

I ran twice today, but it probably wasn't the wisest thing to do since my hamstring seems to be getting worse. Any suggestions for a quick cure would be great!! Don Baun told me to heat and then stretch which helps alittle but it is really tight and has a pull feeling. I'm going to try and run through it by staying with low miles. Hopefully, that will work!!

Ran 5 miles this morning and lifted weights. This afternoon, I ran 6 miles with Haley Young. Actually, 5 with her and a mile to my car for 6 miles total. It's always fun to run with Haley so I can catch up on all the gossip. Until tomorrow, stay strong and keep on runnin................

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The Salty One said...

Massage and ibuprofen! Hope you feel better soon!