Monday, December 7, 2009


Yesterday, I did a weight lifting workout and then ran/walked 2 miles. Thank goodness, I didn't make my hamstring worse by going the 5k on Saturday. At this point the muscle feels like it needs to be stretched but when I try to stretch it therre is pain.

Today, I went down to the track and did 3 miles and ran all of it but about a half of a mile. Once again, it is feeling much better. I did the weight workout inwhich you lift light but lift as fast as you can for 20 sec. and then off 10 sec. for 5-8 sets. At first, you think it's real easy, and then it hits you and it's hard as hell. I thought I was going to throw-up when I was done! The rest of the day my arms have been trashed. Thanks, to my son, Kyle, who showed me this workout( HAHAHA) Swam a mile and a half with my arms absolutely killing me and then did a 45 min. spinning class, arms still really tired!! Even as I am typing, I have to stop and rest! LOL Tomorrow, my plan is to run 3 miles without walking! Oh, I forgot, I put my name in the MMT 100 mile lottery draw. We:ll see what happens!

With Christmas just around the corner, the house is finally decorated and not to much more shopping. Corey will be home this Friday and Kyle the following week!! It will be a good month with everyone home. Can't wait:)

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