Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mohican 24 Miler

Today, a group got together at Mohican to run the entire mountain bike trail which is 24 miles. Dan Bellinger, Mark Carroll, Jay Smithberger, Thomas Patton, Mark Elderbrock, Kim Boner and Vanessa Pittenger-Ragozzine, all started out at 8 am. I, unfortunatly only run the last 9 miles due to my stupid hamstring. In the mean time, I was the rolling aide station for everyone, meeting them at Hickory Ridge and the Firetower. I couldn't get down to the Covered Bridge because they had already blocked off the road due to the snow. It sure was different being on the other side of running. I appreciate all the waiting and help that the crew people do when we are out running. As for my hamstring, when I first started out it was good but the longer I ran, the worse it felt. I made the 9 miles and I don't think I made it worse. I'm going to take some tome off of running and just cross train until the first of the year:(

The bright side of the day, was Corey coming home from college for the holidays. Kyle will be home next weekend and then the family will be all together!! Happy Holidays, Everyone!!!!

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