Monday, December 14, 2009

Trying To Survive

Yesterday, I did absolutely nothing. No running, lifting, swimming, NOTHING!!!! The house is getting a good cleaning however, do to the fact I have nothing to do and have alot of extra energy. Baked cookies and wrapped some Christmas prresents!

Today, lifted weights, swam a mile and a half with a 500yd pull and did a 45 min spinning class at the Y. Then this evening, I did P90X ab workout with Corey and Keith. It only takes 16 min. but it's real hard!! I can still feel a pull in the hamstring but swimming didn't seem to bother it. The spinning was ok but when we stood up there was some pain. I just have to be patient and quit panicking. I know the more rest I give it the quicker it will heal!! =D

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