Thursday, December 17, 2009

More Water!!

Yesterday, my hamstring seemed to be doing better and even feeling better today. Gives me the itch to go out and run. I'm going to try and hold to it and not run until the first of the year. I did make an appointment with a neuromuscular massage therapist from Marion named Steve Adams. I have been to him before and he really knows his stuff but it hurts like hell! I am also going to make an appointment with a woman and her husband from Columbus who are Holistic Health and Fitness Consultants. Hopefully, they can help! Mark meet them when he was crewing for me at the Germantown 50k this fall. We'll see what happens!

Yesterday, I lifted weights, swam a mile and a half and did 12 x 25yd sprints and then a 45 min. spinning class. In the evening, Corey, Keith and myself did P90X abs.
Today, I was really tired so I went back to bed after Keith left for school. Got up around 9:30 and went to the Y and swam one and three-fourth of a mile which included 2 x 500yd pick-ups. Every 25yds I would sprint and then swim easy for 25yds. Swimming is starting to get real boring so I need to think of different things to do. Really miss running but I do want to get better!!!!!

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