Saturday, December 5, 2009

Still Hurting!!

Ran, jogged, hobbled, limped, crawled or whatever you want to call it, the Santa Sleigh 5k at the Mansfield Y this morning. Slowest 5k race I have ever run. Enough said!!!! Really F@#$ pissed off!! I seems like I get one thing straightened out and then another thing happens. Last year it was my achilles, then the pinched nerve and now the hamstring, what next? I know I shouldn't be complaining because there is so many people that have far greater problems than a stupid hamstring and I am very greatful for the things I have accomplished and have, but is it asking to much to be healthy enough to simply run down the road!! I'm just really upset right now and I know that I need to take time off of everything inorder to heal:( I decided to do the 5k because eveything was feeling better and I thought, heck it's only 3 miles, anyone can run 3 miles. I was a slow painful one but I finished. After the race, I was upset so I went to the pool and swam a mile and a half. My husband Mark, and youngest son, Keith also ran and did just fine!!!

Yesterday, I lifted weights, swam a mile and a half with 400yd pull and did a 45 min spinning class. Afterwards, I went for a massage which really seemed to help the hamstring. Thanks, Kay and sorry for messing all your hard work up:( Probably will see you next week:)

The good part of the day was Christmas shopping in Columbus this afternoon with Mark, Keith and his girlfriend, Shelby. Almost DONE!!

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