Monday, December 28, 2009

Getting Fixed!!

Today, Kyle and I made a trip to Marion, OH to see Steve Adams who is a neuromuscular massage therapist. One look at me and he knew that I was in trouble. For starters, my left leg was a quarter of an inch longer than my right. My right hip was higher than my left hip and my right hip was curving inward. The right side of my rib cage was higher than my left and the right shoulder was rolled inward. Whan laying on my stomach, my whole left side was higher than my right. What a mess!!!! He twisted, bent, pushed, shoved, stretched, poked and manipulated my body in ways that I thought were impossible. I'm rather sore this evening, but believe it or not I have no pain :) Hopefully after a couple more treatments things will be better! Kyle had his legs and feet worked on inorder to keep things flowing smoothly!
Before I left this morning, I was up by 5 am and rode my windtrainer for almost an hour which gave me 14 miles and then lifted.
Yesterday, I rode the windtrainer for 10 miles and swam a mile and a half.
Saturday, I rode the windtrainer for 8 miles and swam a mile and a half which included 5 x 75yd sprints and 400yd pull. Oh, I can't forget the shopping trip to Columbus in the evening.
Right now, I think I'm getting a pretty bad cold and my throat is sore. Ugh!! Need to take some meds and get to bed!!

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