Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Over Doing It, Who Me?

Well, once again I probably over did it with the workout. Now that I'm not running much, I think I have to do everything else and do it as hard as I can! Alittle OCD don't you think:) I got up at 5 am this morning and ran 4 1/2 miles in the rain. Not the best run because I'm still running pretty slow while this hamstring is healing, although it is getting better!! Got my weight lifting in and then headed to the Y. Swam a mile and a half fairly hard and then did a pretty tough 45 min. spinning class. Drug my sorry ass home and was too tired to make anything for supper, so we ended up ordering pizza, sorry guys! I need to try really hard to slow things down until the first of the year so I can get rid of all these aches and pains in order to concentrate on my training for MMT in May.

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