Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Very tired today :( I think it's the head cold that I have had for the last couple of days. It's not a very bad cold but it's enough to wear me out. My body has been feeling pretty good since I visited the neuromusclular massage therapist. I have been feeling good while I have been swimming and biking even though I have had this cold. I can't wait until Friday to start running. Hopefully, all will go well! Today, when I was at Wal-Mart, it was the first time in about 5 months that I could shop without pain shooting down my leg! It was great!! Right now, I'm waiting for Kyle and Keith to come home from indoor track practice, so we can eat a late supper.
Today's workout consisted of one and a half mile swim with 400yd pull and a 45 minute spinning class. Yesterday, I lifted and swam a mile and a half. Soon , I will be able to talk about running and the training for Massenutten 100. One more day :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Getting Fixed!!

Today, Kyle and I made a trip to Marion, OH to see Steve Adams who is a neuromuscular massage therapist. One look at me and he knew that I was in trouble. For starters, my left leg was a quarter of an inch longer than my right. My right hip was higher than my left hip and my right hip was curving inward. The right side of my rib cage was higher than my left and the right shoulder was rolled inward. Whan laying on my stomach, my whole left side was higher than my right. What a mess!!!! He twisted, bent, pushed, shoved, stretched, poked and manipulated my body in ways that I thought were impossible. I'm rather sore this evening, but believe it or not I have no pain :) Hopefully after a couple more treatments things will be better! Kyle had his legs and feet worked on inorder to keep things flowing smoothly!
Before I left this morning, I was up by 5 am and rode my windtrainer for almost an hour which gave me 14 miles and then lifted.
Yesterday, I rode the windtrainer for 10 miles and swam a mile and a half.
Saturday, I rode the windtrainer for 8 miles and swam a mile and a half which included 5 x 75yd sprints and 400yd pull. Oh, I can't forget the shopping trip to Columbus in the evening.
Right now, I think I'm getting a pretty bad cold and my throat is sore. Ugh!! Need to take some meds and get to bed!!

Friday, December 25, 2009


Christmas pictures of the boys!

Merry Christmas!!!!

Got up early amd lifted weights and did p90x abs.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Working Out

Got a good workout in this morning even though there was no running involved. Did a light lifting workout out, swam a mile and a half, which included 10 x 50yd sprints and 400yd pull, and 45 min spinning class. Really tired afterwards :(

Tomorrow, the family will travel to Marion to Mark's side of the family and do Christmas with them. On Christmas, it will be my side of the family. Should be a good couple of days, all though I probably won't get much sleep. It's great to spend time with the family! We all need to remember the real reason of Christmas with the birth of Jesus!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nothing Much

Slept in this morning after Keith went to school. This is his last day before Christmas break starts. Corey and I went to the Y for a swim. I swam a mile and I think he got in about a half of a mile. Did some ab work with Kyle this afternoon after his run. He ran 5 miles averaging about 6 minute miles. I'm so impressed with his running improvement :) After the ab workout, however, my back started to bother me. Maybe it's all the ab workouts that is causing the problems. Just trying to eliminate things that are causing me to have pain.

Corey is having a "friend" stay for a couple of days, Mark and Keith went to the OSU basketball game tonight and Kyle and I went out to eat. All in all a good day! It should be a great Christmas!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Trying :]

This evening, we celebrated Christmas with my sister at our mom and dad's house here in Loudonville. A good time was had by all! Pam's husband, Phil, had trouble getting home from his job as a pilot and couldn't join us :( There was good food, opened presents and played bingo.

Got 3 slow miles in at 6:00 am. Probably shouldn't have done it but I just couldn't stand not running anymore. Kind of paying the price right now but I don't think I did any further damage. The problem now is more of the numbness in my leg do to the pinched nerve in my back. I think I am going start to lift lighter and not so heavy and see if that helps my back. The lifting might be the problem and not so much the running. I'll just have to experiment. Today, after my little run, I lifted, swam a mile and a half and did a 45 min. spinning class.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


NOTHING :( Bored and depressed!! Will do P90X abs later tonight. The bright spot of the day was Kyle coming home! Everyone is home so Christmas can now begin!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Run, Sort of :)

Yesterday went like this - Drug my big butt out of bed and down to the weight room, we have in our basement and did a tricep and bicep lifting workout, went to the Y and swam a mile and a half and then did a 45 min. spinning class. Corey also came to the Y to do some lap swimming which he hadn't done in about a year. He was on the High School swim team so he knows his stuff, he is just not in swimming shape!! He did look pretty good :) Friday night is pizza night at our house so I didn't have to cook! Wrapped Christmas gifts most of evening and then played a board game called Apples to Apples, with Keith and Shelby. I was a little worried about Corey and Kyle because Corey went down to OWU to spend the night with Kyle and it was hard telling what they did. I don't think I want to know!! Just beign a Mom!

Today, I decided not to swim but to walk on the treadmill instead. I was doing just fine and I had no pain anywhere!! At about a half of a mile, I couldn't stand it anymore and I started to run. It was a slow run but a run none the less!!!!!!!! Ended up walk/run for 3 miles. It was so good to RUN!!! During the run, everything was fine but my hamstring is a little irritated tonight. Back to the pool, I guess :( This evening, we attended Keith's choir concert which put me in a festive mood!!

Tomorrow, Kyle will be home for Christmas break! It will be great to have everyone home for the Holidays!! He will be bringing a buddy home until Monday. Raphael is from CO and his plane doesn't leave until Monday evening. He was Kyle's roommate last year and is on the OWU soccer team. He's a good friend to Kyle and a good kid! Well, it's getting late and we are going to try to go to church in the morning, so good night all!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

More Water!!

Yesterday, my hamstring seemed to be doing better and even feeling better today. Gives me the itch to go out and run. I'm going to try and hold to it and not run until the first of the year. I did make an appointment with a neuromuscular massage therapist from Marion named Steve Adams. I have been to him before and he really knows his stuff but it hurts like hell! I am also going to make an appointment with a woman and her husband from Columbus who are Holistic Health and Fitness Consultants. Hopefully, they can help! Mark meet them when he was crewing for me at the Germantown 50k this fall. We'll see what happens!

Yesterday, I lifted weights, swam a mile and a half and did 12 x 25yd sprints and then a 45 min. spinning class. In the evening, Corey, Keith and myself did P90X abs.
Today, I was really tired so I went back to bed after Keith left for school. Got up around 9:30 and went to the Y and swam one and three-fourth of a mile which included 2 x 500yd pick-ups. Every 25yds I would sprint and then swim easy for 25yds. Swimming is starting to get real boring so I need to think of different things to do. Really miss running but I do want to get better!!!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Growing Gills!!

No running again today:( I do believe that I'm turning into a fish! Once again, I swam a mile and a half with a session of weight lifting before I got into the pool. That's all, there ain't no more! There is still pain in the hamstring and the pinched nerve is irritated with numbness in the right leg. I'm just praying that 3 weeks of no running will do the trick. If not, I'm in big trouble for the winter and early spring races! Being the patient person I am, I'm starting to panick!! The best part of the day, was getting my Christmas shopping done, I think? Now it's time to wrap! Until tomorrow.......................

Monday, December 14, 2009

Trying To Survive

Yesterday, I did absolutely nothing. No running, lifting, swimming, NOTHING!!!! The house is getting a good cleaning however, do to the fact I have nothing to do and have alot of extra energy. Baked cookies and wrapped some Christmas prresents!

Today, lifted weights, swam a mile and a half with a 500yd pull and did a 45 min spinning class at the Y. Then this evening, I did P90X ab workout with Corey and Keith. It only takes 16 min. but it's real hard!! I can still feel a pull in the hamstring but swimming didn't seem to bother it. The spinning was ok but when we stood up there was some pain. I just have to be patient and quit panicking. I know the more rest I give it the quicker it will heal!! =D

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mohican 24 Miler

Today, a group got together at Mohican to run the entire mountain bike trail which is 24 miles. Dan Bellinger, Mark Carroll, Jay Smithberger, Thomas Patton, Mark Elderbrock, Kim Boner and Vanessa Pittenger-Ragozzine, all started out at 8 am. I, unfortunatly only run the last 9 miles due to my stupid hamstring. In the mean time, I was the rolling aide station for everyone, meeting them at Hickory Ridge and the Firetower. I couldn't get down to the Covered Bridge because they had already blocked off the road due to the snow. It sure was different being on the other side of running. I appreciate all the waiting and help that the crew people do when we are out running. As for my hamstring, when I first started out it was good but the longer I ran, the worse it felt. I made the 9 miles and I don't think I made it worse. I'm going to take some tome off of running and just cross train until the first of the year:(

The bright side of the day, was Corey coming home from college for the holidays. Kyle will be home next weekend and then the family will be all together!! Happy Holidays, Everyone!!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Nothing Much

I did absolutely nothing today. After Keith went to school, I layed back down and slept until about 9:30am. Then I layed in bed for another hour and watched Dr. Oz on TV. A very different but interesting show. Took a shower, tanned and toook Kieth to the Dr. to have a wart removed. Made supper and baked some cookies for tomorrows FA run at Mohican. That's all there is for today, nothing more. Oh, my big workout today was an ab workout! That was exciting!! Tomorrow, I will be crewing for the runners doing the 24 mile FA at Mohican. I do plan on running the last 8 miles with everyone or maybe more, who knows!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

What the Heck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thought the hamstring was getting better but I was wrong:( Pretty bad running day!! I went out this morning, thinking that 5 miles would be no problem, but it was. It was snowing and the wind was blowing and I was hurting! Now, what do I do? More time off, I guess. I have three weeks until the first of the year at which time I want to start training for Massanutten 100. My plan is to do very little running in the next three weeks and in order to keep some of my fitness I will swim , lift and do the spinning class at the Y. The other bad thing is, that because I have been favoring the hamstring, I think I have irritated my back and the pinched nerve is also bothering me! If it's not one thing it's another!!! I know it's my fault and it's time to start listening to everyone and take some time off of running:( I'm also wondering if the lifting is hurting my back. I'll have to look into that. Well, enough whining and feeling sorry for myself, now it's time to get healthy!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Over Doing It, Who Me?

Well, once again I probably over did it with the workout. Now that I'm not running much, I think I have to do everything else and do it as hard as I can! Alittle OCD don't you think:) I got up at 5 am this morning and ran 4 1/2 miles in the rain. Not the best run because I'm still running pretty slow while this hamstring is healing, although it is getting better!! Got my weight lifting in and then headed to the Y. Swam a mile and a half fairly hard and then did a pretty tough 45 min. spinning class. Drug my sorry ass home and was too tired to make anything for supper, so we ended up ordering pizza, sorry guys! I need to try really hard to slow things down until the first of the year so I can get rid of all these aches and pains in order to concentrate on my training for MMT in May.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Getting Better Everyday!!

Today I ran a whole 4 miles without walking! YEA!! There is still some pain in the hamstring but I'm dealing with it! I ran really,really slow but it is so much better:) Tomorrow, I plan on running 5 miles and see how that goes. I just need to take it slow and easy. Looks like the Huff 50k is out of the question next weekend. It really doesn't upset me too much because I need to get healthy for the spring, because I just found out I got in the Massanutten Mountain Trail 100 miler in Fort Valley, Virginia( I think ) Anyway, I didn't swim today because I needed to get things done around the house plus I was just being lazy. I did lift, however:) Until tomorrow>>>>>>>>>

Monday, December 7, 2009


Yesterday, I did a weight lifting workout and then ran/walked 2 miles. Thank goodness, I didn't make my hamstring worse by going the 5k on Saturday. At this point the muscle feels like it needs to be stretched but when I try to stretch it therre is pain.

Today, I went down to the track and did 3 miles and ran all of it but about a half of a mile. Once again, it is feeling much better. I did the weight workout inwhich you lift light but lift as fast as you can for 20 sec. and then off 10 sec. for 5-8 sets. At first, you think it's real easy, and then it hits you and it's hard as hell. I thought I was going to throw-up when I was done! The rest of the day my arms have been trashed. Thanks, to my son, Kyle, who showed me this workout( HAHAHA) Swam a mile and a half with my arms absolutely killing me and then did a 45 min. spinning class, arms still really tired!! Even as I am typing, I have to stop and rest! LOL Tomorrow, my plan is to run 3 miles without walking! Oh, I forgot, I put my name in the MMT 100 mile lottery draw. We:ll see what happens!

With Christmas just around the corner, the house is finally decorated and not to much more shopping. Corey will be home this Friday and Kyle the following week!! It will be a good month with everyone home. Can't wait:)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Still Hurting!!

Ran, jogged, hobbled, limped, crawled or whatever you want to call it, the Santa Sleigh 5k at the Mansfield Y this morning. Slowest 5k race I have ever run. Enough said!!!! Really F@#$ pissed off!! I seems like I get one thing straightened out and then another thing happens. Last year it was my achilles, then the pinched nerve and now the hamstring, what next? I know I shouldn't be complaining because there is so many people that have far greater problems than a stupid hamstring and I am very greatful for the things I have accomplished and have, but is it asking to much to be healthy enough to simply run down the road!! I'm just really upset right now and I know that I need to take time off of everything inorder to heal:( I decided to do the 5k because eveything was feeling better and I thought, heck it's only 3 miles, anyone can run 3 miles. I was a slow painful one but I finished. After the race, I was upset so I went to the pool and swam a mile and a half. My husband Mark, and youngest son, Keith also ran and did just fine!!!

Yesterday, I lifted weights, swam a mile and a half with 400yd pull and did a 45 min spinning class. Afterwards, I went for a massage which really seemed to help the hamstring. Thanks, Kay and sorry for messing all your hard work up:( Probably will see you next week:)

The good part of the day was Christmas shopping in Columbus this afternoon with Mark, Keith and his girlfriend, Shelby. Almost DONE!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Just Had To Try

It was suppose to be day four of no running BUT I had to try and see if the leg was getting any better. The result was 2 miles of running and walking. It wasn't as bad as last Sunday but the pain was still there. Walking was fine, which was a good thing, because I couldn't even walk without a limp before. I did go to a PT today, but he really didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. He did confirm that it was a hamstring and not a pinched nerve thing. I just have to be patient, which we all know I'm not very good at. After my 2 miles of whatever, I swam a mile and a half with 10 x 25yds and 10 x 50yds of good effort. Not a total sprint but enough to makd me tired. I also did 2 x 100yds of good effort and finished with 450yds of pulls. No lifting today just abs.

To my sister Pam - Have fun in Spain!!! She leaves tomorrow for an 8 day trip. Be safe and enjoy!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Staying Sane!

Today is day#3 of no running. I'm taking care of my OCD by doing cross-training (LOL) so it hasn't been to bad. Lifted weights for biceps, triceps and did abs. Swam a mile and three-fourth with 500yd pull , then did a 45 min. spinning class. While I was at the Y, I also did light lifting with my legs. The hamstring is getting better:) There is still some soreness and it is very tight. I have been icing and doing light stretching so I think that is helping. Maybe a short run tomorrow??? I am scheduled to see a PT tomorrow for an evaluation, hopefully he can help. Friday, I have another massage and on Saturday I am hoping to do the Run For Regis training run up in the CNVP. Keep your fingers crossed that everything goes as planned!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day #2

Second day of no running:( Got up at 5:30am to lift. Did the following: close grip bench, skull crushers, DB row on bench, dips, running motion with DB, incline traps, tri kick backs, shoulder shrugs, DB front and lateral and abs. I then wanted to get a swim in before my massage, but when I got to the pool, some kid pooped in the pool and it was closed! Did some errands and went to Kay Hunt in Mansfield for my massage. She really losened things up and made my hamstring feel better:) Thanks, Kay! Decided to forget the swim after the massage and just take the rest of the day off. My hope is still to be able to run by the weekend. We'll see!!!!!