Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another Day Done

Yesterday I ran 7.1 miles, swam a mile and a fourth and did a 45 min spinning class.

Today, I knew I wouldn't have time to workout alot but I did get in 10 miles. Did about an hour and a half of weights working on triceps, shoulders, back and abs. I spent most of the day preparing food for the football team dinner. The parents of the players take turns feeding the team on Thrusday evening and it was my turn. We had sloppy joes, pasta salad, chicken and noodles(which I made) cupcakes, cookies and chocolate milk. We had some left over but the team seemed to come back for seconds. Loudonville takes on Danville for our homecoming and hopefully we won't play as bad as we did last week. Corey will play Wilmington at Marietta on Saturday and Kyle will run in Grand Rapids, MI. at Calvin College. Mark is going to down to Marietta, the grandparents are going to watch Kyle and I have to stay home and help Keith get ready for homecoming. It will be a fast and busy weekend.

As for my running, I'm not sure what will be next. You know me, I don't make plans until the day before a race.LOL There is a half-marathon close to Mansfield on Sunday but I don't know if I want to run it. I'll just wait until Saturday and see how I feel or maybe decide on Sunday morning. My leg has been bothering me some since the 6 hr run last Sunday and I sure wish I could get rid of the foot slap. It's real annoying when I'm on the road and hear my right foot slapping the ground and making a lot of noise. UGH!!! Need to go now, Keith just walked in the door from his first ever body massage. His back and hamstring have been bothering him so I thought a massage might do him good. Talk later......

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