Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Weekend

I'll start with the weekend runs. On Saturday, I got out the door about 6:30am because we were headed down to Marietta to see Corey's game, Got in 8 miles at a comfortable pace and felt fine. Today, a group met at Mohican and we ran 20 miles. It was a great morning to run with great friends. We all ran at a nice relaxed pace until the end when a couple people and I won't mention any names, Joe, Michael and Michelle, decided to run at a 5k pace and flew down the trail to the covered bridge. Me, being an old lady, LOL did the old woman shuffle down the hill and was unable to keep up with them. My excuse, they are all younger and more sure footed than I!! Mark Carroll was also suppose to have run with us but, when I got home and got on facebook, he told us that he had hit a deer in Butler. He is fine but I guess and car and deer are not.

Now on to football. Friday night Keith's team(Loudonville Rebirds) lost in overtime to Crestveiw. It was 14-14 at the end of the fourth quarter. We got the ball first, and did not score. The ball went to them and they kicked a fieldgoal to win the game. What a heartbreaker!! Keith had several tackles and a lot of blocks. Good job Keith!!
On Saturday, we went down to Marietta to see Corey play against Thiel. Marietta won 20-14. Corey had a good game with 3 tackles and he broke up a pass. However, he did miss the extra point on the third TD. He said the line was pushed back and he had to stutter step and it messed up his timing. Oh well, no one's perfect! The pictures below are Corey before the game. He is number 14.

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