Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tired or Lazy!!

Once again I got up feeling totally exhausted! After Keith left for school, I laid back down for about an hour. Don't know if I'm really that tired or just being lazy and unmotivated. Got up and out the door at about 9:30am. Put in 6.5 miles on a fairly flat course. Pace was slow but nothing really hurt so that is a big plus. I'm just going to take it easy and not push the pace for a couple more days to make sure I have fully recovered from the weekend. Lifted weights which included benching, flies, shoulders and abs. Once again, I don't know if I'm tired or being lazy but I didn't swim today. I just couldn't bring myself to go to the Y and get into the water. There's always tomorrow.........

Helped at the home C-C meet tonight, with Bryan Derr breaking the course record for first place and Hadley Greer finishing first for the girls. Congrats to all the runners!!!

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